IT Consulting Services

Whether your needs are that of a small business or you oversee an enterprise level IT department, we have services that will benefit you now and into the future. Our Corporate Services include:

IT Consulting Services

Network and IT Consulting
  • Microsoft Small Business Server Solution
  • VPN’s for secure home to office access
  • Firewalls
  • Virus Protection
  • Security and Backup Systems
  • Software upgrades and installation (including Microsoft Security Patch updates)
  • Hardware upgrades, installation and support
  • Local-area-network and wide-area-network installation and support
  • Wireless Networking
  • E-Mail (internet installation and support)
  • Web design and maintenance
  • Printers/peripheral installation and support
  • Desktop support
  • Consulting solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • One-on-one training

Microsoft Exchange Hosting for Small Business

Look to a local expert to host and manage a Microsoft Exchange environment for your small business.  Save the costly expense of deploying and managing your own Exchange Server.  Our cost effective packages allow you to use the collaborative tools provided through the Microsoft Outlook and multiple Smartphone interfaces for your small business.  We handle the backup, monitoring, updates, upgrades, spam and virus filtering for you.  You have the freedom to focus on your business while we support and manage your mail system. To find out more read our Small Business Email Solutions.


computer servicesIf you have multiple offices or work from various locations including your home consider our iRemoteDesktop service.  We provide a locally hosted and managed desktop service, including our Microsoft Exchange mail hosting environment.  You will gain the benefits of a local administrator.  We provide all backups, network monitoring, updates and upgrades.  A full suite of applications are included in each desktop including Microsoft Office Professional. To find out more read about our iRemoteDesktop, Cloud and SaaS Hosting.